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Extra funds every month
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Live off my investment
Monthly returns, and keep investing
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Great, thanks for the effort.You have earned $10 for your first $1,000 invested

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Fractional Investment
Cash on Cash: 16%
Multiplier: 2.1x
Period: 5 years

* Assuming 2 years of reinvesting
* The following is for demonstration purposes
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Payouts The total amount of monthly payouts and sale value payouts

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Future Value the amount that you will be paid in the future

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Principal the amount of principal you have paid in


What will your find on realfund.io

Accredited and Non Accredited Investors

Get on the real estate investment path, and help build America. As little as $25

Grow your porfolio

Set up auto invest, and also direct ach debits to keep growing your porfolio

Set your goals

Set up your goals you want to achieve, and invest in properties

Manage Risk

Using our underwriting, manage your risk, portfolio, amounts


Meet our executive team

Scott Underhill

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Rodekuhr

Chief Operating Officer

Terry Bagley

Chief Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

The best part is you do not need to be an accredited investor, we have options for both non and accredited investors.

Can I invest without little knowledge?

Yes, we provide an open underwriting standard, which allows you to understand risk of all investments

What is the minimal investment?

This minimal investment is $25 it is a great way to get started.

How do I access to retirement calculator?

You will need to create an account and sign in, this will give you access to a goal driven investments

Are you registered with the SEC?

Yes, we are registered as a crowdfunding site, although we also raise funds through 506c and other instruments

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